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please make sure baby, you’ve got some colours in there

Sunday, February 5th, 2012


This post is all about color.  So to start off, I scoured the web and came up with a list of my fave pantone products. I love them all.

pantone_xmas_ballpantone tinspantone pillows meninospantone notebookpantone messenger bagpantone folding chairspantone coffee setpantone coffee mugs

1. holiday ornaments 2. tins 3. pillows 4. notebook 5. messenger bag 6. folding chairs 7. espresso set 8. coffee mugs


I feel like when I’m looking for bright tights & leggings, I always end up in American Apparel. Perfect fit for dancing to the song below! Usually this happens directly before an 80s party, but since these colors are back in style, I might just start wearing them day to day :)

pink american apparel leggings 80s leggings american apparelpink leggings american apparel stripesyellow leggings american apparel


Calvin-HarrisThe perfect song for any discussion about color is “Colours” by Calvin Harris. I stumbled across this track when looking for a good theme song for my Color Run team.  It has the perfect amount of energy to get everyone amped up for a colorful 5k. Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ/singer with an electropop sound.  I suggest you check him out if you wanna dance!

calvin harris - colours

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let us cry from the laughters

Friday, November 18th, 2011


The holidays are finally upon us…which means family, food and travelling. Since we last spoke, I’ve packed up and moved down to Austin, TX.  Which is the perfect excuse to find some new luggage.  I’m not sure if I want to go with a whole set, or simply get a carry-on and something a little larger. Decisions, decisions.  I have some ideas though:

Orla Kiely Large Car Cabin LuggageI totally dig the Orla Kiley car bags line.  I would really love to get the whole set, but I also need to purchase some Christmas presents for the family and it doesn’t all fit into the budget :)

Olympia Sapphire Luggage Set

I’ve also been eyeballing this set on ebags. Quite affordable and a cute print.  I’d love to recognize my luggage when it comes down the conveyor belt at baggage claim, and I think this would do the trick!


Even though I live in TX now, it still gets cold enough to need a coat.  This year, I’m excited about ruffle coats. They are the perfect mix of girly-ness and sophistication.  I also feel like I need one in all of the basic colors :) (DKNY, Garnet Hill and Tahiri)

DKNY Ruffle Trim Tweed CoatRuffle-Front Wool Coat  Garnet HillTahari 'Heidi' Ruffle Front Tweed Coat


tallest man on earth*image via myspace

A little while back a friend of mine created a video featuring sites in Austin and used a song from The Tallest Man on Earth as the soundtrack. Totally renewed my love for his songs and also made me love my city even more.  If you haven’t heard him, it’s kind of Bob Dylan-esque, and it’s just an awesome folky vibe to chill out to.  I definitely suggest checking out the video at the link about or listening to the song below.

the tallest man on earth - you're going back

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I thought you were the sweetest kill

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


Alright, okay.  It’s been a really long time.  And I apologize.  Lots of busy days and late nights.  I just finished up with my freelance job promoting the first ever LouFest in St Louis.  What a blast, I must say.  Along side that, I somehow found the time to start sewing.  I am officially turning into my mother.  It’s real. Anyway, over the past few months, I’ve really had a chance to make my apartment my own.  Only took me about 8 months after my move-in date.  I’ve decided to sign the lease again through May so I figure I might as well make it extra cozy.

Here are a few of the fabulous items I’ve picked up for my place:

kitchen giraffeyellow candlepuffy yellow flowers


Since I’m officially sewing now, I figured I might show you some of my projects.  I will admit, the first couple have been borderline disasters.  Seriously.  But I’m getting better with every stitch.

Project #1: Let me offer you a brief warning…for those of you who are like me, that doesn’t always read all the directions, please take note of sewing pattern sizes.  Just because you wear a size 4 at the Gap doesn’t mean you’ll be able to fit in a size 4 sewing pattern skirt.  It probably doesn’t even mean one of your thighs will fit into the thing.  Size 4 is super small.  I realized halfway through my skirt that reading directions is incredibly important.  While structurally sound, my first skirt doesn’t fit a “real” size 4, only 4th graders.  The little ones.

too small for me skirt

Project #2: On my second project, I read the directions.  I got the right kind of fabric (albeit ugly fabric), I measured myself, and then picked the size…something like 12 or 14 (not 4).  The second dress…it turned out….okay.  My neighbor came over to see my progress and described it as a “moo-moo” dress.  My sister suggested that it would be adequate for my 7th grade Geometry teacher (she was 60+, for certain).  I tied a belt around it and called it a semi-success.

moo moo dress

Project #3: Easily the best thing I’ve created so far.  But not perfection. No, never perfection.  Not yet.  I bought the cutest cotton bird fabric.  Perfect for a pair of boxers.  Only problem is I put the patterns down backwards.  That would be me glossing over the details.  So what we have here is a pair of beautifully constructed small boxers, with upside down birds.  Whatever, I think they are perfect.

upside down bird boxers

broken social scene
LouFest had some really fantastic bands.  One of which was Broken Social Scene…actually they were our headliner on the 1st day.  I somehow managed to work my way up onto stage left to enjoy the set nearly unobstructed.  It was amazingness.  BSS was really really good, though.  So many people, so many instruments.  The lead singer actually jumped off the stage and stood on the guard rail for the better part of one of their songs.  I fully suggest you check out the song below, and maybe also the more upbeat “Texico Bitches”.  Really really good.

broken social scene - sweetest kill

And they can try to wear you down, put you out
Get you through your will, that won’t work
I thought you were the sweetest kill
Could I even know?

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i’ve shut my eyes, i’ll pretend instead

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


I found a comforter! Yeah! I’ll post some pictures soon, but I’m currently in the process of finding pillows.  So far, I have but one.  One lone yellow pillow from World Market.  So I’m thinking about maybe making some of my own.  Textiles, anyone?


Okay, I’ll be honest.  I’m still on a total dress kick.  I bought 3 new dresses last weekend that I REALLY want to show you, BUT right now I’m in pajamas with pony tail hair.  Next time.  But for today, a few selections from Tracy Reese.


According to Wikipedia, “the name ‘Lightspeed Champion’ comes from a series of comic strips Hynes drew as a teenager in his school mathematics books”.  I haven’t been listening to Lightspeed Champion for very long, but I really dig what I’ve heard so far.  And I also enjoy his headwear choices.

lightspeed champion

lightspeed champions - dry lips

And everyone is staring,it’s all so overwhelming,
if they didn’t look would i still complain.
Of course , i would.

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my mind it tends to run away with the small ideas

Sunday, May 16th, 2010


Brightly colored chairs get me every time.  Here are some created by doble M Design that I could totally see hanging out in my backyard.

painted yellow chair


I’ve always loved the Fossil look and I’ve been wearing Fossil handbags as my primary purses for years now.  I’ve been through a few really great crossbody bags lately, but when I went to replace my last one that was getting a bit old and worn, I opted for something a bit more grown-up, I suppose.  It still has the really great fossil colors and patterns, but isn’t quite as informal as the crossbody style which tends to kill my attempts to look businessey on a daily basis.  I realize that is not a word, but I wasn’t feeling “businesslike”.

Anyway, I’ve had this bag…erm, satchel…for about a week now and I’m really digging it.  Though I do miss it the messenger bag feel and look of the crossbody.  All part of growing up, I guess!

Check it.


Once again I was playing an old mix-cd…this one was about 2 years old from my IL days.  I forgot how much I used to dig the song “Oh Dear” by Matt Costa…he’s a former skateboarder pro turned singer-songwriter. His songs are poppy and pleasant, and his voice is smoooooth.

Matt Costa - Oh Dear

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours
Sometimes I’m not that sure
But anytime you look at me
Your thoughts I cant ignore

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piece of the puzzle, I’m your missing part

Saturday, May 8th, 2010


There was a good period of time when everyone ripped down their wallpaper…it was just “out”. I can’t wallpaper my place at this point, but I totally understand why wallpaper is making a come-back. I think the designs below explain it quite well. While I’m not sure I’d go as far as to plaster a whole room with wallpaper.. I would definitely use it for an accent wall, lining the inside of a desk area or vanity, or inside bookshelves/cabinets….so many designs to choose from…so many colors…so many ideas!


Today’s theme = dresses w/ jackets.  These are great combos from Alice & Olivia.


Really into She & Him this morning (and always, I guess!).  Let’s be honest, Zooey Deschanel is friggin’ adorable.  I’m really excited because the duo is coming to St Louis later this summer for LouFest.  Lots of other great bands too, but I’m extra excited for She & Him :)

She & Him - Sentimental Heart

O-o-old habits die hard when you got, when you got a sentimental heart
Piece of the puzzle, you’re my missing part
Oh what can you do with a sentimental heart?

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I can’t let this go, I’m on my way

Friday, April 30th, 2010


I want a deer head in my apartment.  Not a real one.  And preferable a colorful one.  I’ve been collecting ideas…is this a weird thing to want?

metallic deerhead

photo credits: 1. haute*nature 2. iheartsammi etsy shop 3. rubyslounge etsy 4. fakir trendy home 5. miss eclectic 6. cardboard safari


I’m not sure where April went.  Apparently it’s almost May.  In light of that, I figured it was about time to start thinking about swimsuit weather.  And swimsuits.  And by default, the gym :/  But rather than talk about the gym, I’ll just ignore that and post some the cute suits that are out there this year..

1. forever21 2.  piperlime 3. modcloth 4. roxy


I love a song that makes me want to bop my head along with the beat.  I actually just created a mix called “car party” that I listen to when I need to lift my spirits.

This song by Good Old War is on there (in addition to some MGMT, Passion Pit and Coconut Records).  Everyone should dance in their car.

Good Old War - Coney Island

The ground is swallowing my options for release
And if it rains they might just disappear
I counted 27 birds up there today
I’m thinking that’s why I still love it here

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someone choose…who’s left and who’s leaving

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


Home are some fantastic Wayne Pate Illustrations that would look great on my photo wall.  I’m not sure which one I like best….what do you think?  I might be leaning towards the sailor bird.  Who doesn’t need something like that??


I managed to fit some shopping time in when I was in San Fran for ad:tech last week.  Which means I spent well over an hour drooling over the amazingness that is Anthropologie.  It was, by far, the largest Anthropologie I’ve ever been to.  It did not disappoint (except for the fact that I left empty-handed because I a.) didn’t have enough $$$ and b.) was already at 45 lbs. in the ol’ suitcase).  Regardless, I found some great dresses that I may ultimately end up with.  Maybe.


This morning during my short commute to work, I pulled out an old mix CD.  It was titled something like “springtime fancies”, so I figured it’d be a good fit (even though, it is cold and dreary for the 5th straight day).  One of the songs I had put on it was “left and leaving” by the weakerthans.  Haven’t been listening to them so much these days, but I can’t say the love affair is over.  If you haven’t listened, please do.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it thoroughly.

The Weakerthans

the weakerthans – left and leaving

memory will rust and erode into lists of all that you gave me:
a blanket, some matches, this pain in my chest,
the best parts of lonely

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i adored you in every one of those

Monday, April 26th, 2010


Still on the search for the perfect bedroom.  Wondering if i’ll be able to find something i like before i move.  When/if i move?

I feel like one of the most important parts of any bedroom is the headboard.  Which, as of right now, i do not have.  I’m thinking i could actually make something like this (via LivingEtc and it would make a huge difference in my room.  It looks…cozy.  Add the birds and I’m in love.

purple headboard with bird pillows


It’s so warm now…I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts just about as often as i can get away with.  Here’s a DKNY skirt I’d be happy to own…and surprise has pockets!

dkny garden print skirt


Frightened Rabbit is coming to St Louis very soon, so I thought it was only fitting to put up one of my favorite songs by them.  There is something incredibly real about his voice, you can hear emotion dripping from every word.  I guess I just really dig that.  Fair warning, this song is somewhat sad.

frightened rabbit

Frightened Rabbit – Poke

But there’s one thing we’ve got going
And it’s the only thing worth knowing
It’s got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon.

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Is it worse to smile falsely or to frown?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


Did you ever read Domino magazine before it disappeared?  I’m really disappointed that it’s gone, but glad someone has decided to create a place to capture many of the images.  Check out the flickr acct where they all live! I haven’t decided how I’ll organize my photo/print wall yet, but these are some of the photos (via Domino) that I’ve been considering…favorites?


I’m attempting to fully take advantage of spring by wearing as many skirts and dresses.  This cute, flowy skirt from Tulle really caught my eye.  The cut-out is an adorable little touch.  AND pockets.  Goodness, I love pockets in my skirts.  Also, I should mention it is quite affordable at just $38!


Jeremy Warmsley = Delicious half-french singer-songerwriter.  He has a Decemberists-like sound that I just love.  Give it a listen!

jeremy warmsley – i believe in the way you move

The sadness that comes in the mornings will be washed away
You’ll see to that, but how long will it last
I believe in the way that you move